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Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Three Phase Rectifier

version (13.1 KB) by Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif
Space Vector pulse width modulation based three phase rectifier


Updated 23 Sep 2011

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This model simulates a three phase rectifier based on space vector pulse width modulation. Parameters can be adjusted from Model properties initial call back function.

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Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif (2020). Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Three Phase Rectifier (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Problem with this file:It does not maintain UPF at input side.

Shi Shi

Does this model have PI control?


could give me some documents that help me understand this simulation?
i will be happy when receiving your answer?


After opening the model Right click and click on last option(model properties) and look in Callback function tab. There you can see space vector trajectory drawing commands


Good Effort...


Great model. Thank you for the effort. Can you please explain how are you plotting the hexagon and circular trajectory? I could not find any initialization code, or workspace variables.

good model

hi, What is the purpose using of the gain "k" in svpwm module. (ie k=1.8)


Output/Input > 1 because this is a voltage source RECTIFIER

Output / Input >>> 1

Nice model, helpful for me to learn.

Tony Lennon

This is a helpful model. If you are looking for more resources about pulse width modulation (PWM), please visit this web page.


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