Vectorized N-Body Equation

Fully vectorized n-body equations of motion in second and first order form, along with C MEX implementations of an RKN 12-10 integrator.
Aktualisiert 9. Mai 2023

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nbodyVect provides fully vectorized n-body gravitational equations for use with any built-in (or compatible) MATLAB ode solver. Version 2 of the code also provides event functions for detecting collisions and conjunctions, as well as 3 C implementations of the RKN1210 integrator from Dormand et al. (1987), based on the original MATLAB implementation by Rody Oldenhuis.
The MEX functions have been tested on Windows and macOS/Linux and should compile with no issue if a compatible compiler is installed (see for details).
nbodyRKN_c and nbodyRKN_c_Events can be compiled on their own, e.g.:
mex nbodyRKN_c
nbodyRKN_c_Conj requires linking to levmar ( - see file header for compilation notes.
Script nbodyVect_test provides a basic test of integrator functionality.

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Dmitry Savransky (2024). Vectorized N-Body Equation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

Kompatibilität der MATLAB-Version
Erstellt mit R2023a
Kompatibel mit R2016b und späteren Versionen
Windows macOS Linux

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Adding conjunction/collision detection and C integrator implementations.