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Image Encryption

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This GUI does the Image Encryption of any RGB, Gray image of different formats.


Updated 22 May 2010

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This GUI does the Image Encryption of any RGB, Gray image of different formats. The code also generates the Key.

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busy (2020). Image Encryption (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ramesh L

Can you give suggestion to implement medical image by using this algorithm

Thidar San

Ali Makki

Please can anyone tall me any algorithm is this

Jasla Febin

Sir/Ma'am can you please share the link of any algorithm for image encryption.Actually i am using DES for image encryption but I am getting error while programming. Can you please suggest something?

In which tool we have to run this code??

Contact me on or 8553869613 for all different types of good image encryption schemes.

Faizan Ali

This is xor (One Time Pad) Encryption to everyone who is wondering. You can see that the same function is used to encrypt and decrypt the data. This is the first thing you learn when you start reading about cryptography.

ijaz khalid

what is the name of the algo used for key generation?? please reply

Can anyone tell how the image is being encrypted and decrypted?

hayat ali

please ,how to run this

Aditya Raj

Please let me know the algorithm that has been used.

Thank you.

how to run this, how to see the output?

what is the name of the encryption algorithm and also explain this line by line.....
please anyone could reply...

nayyi myat


Nice work....Please tell me which algorithm you use it...I need urgently....Plz help me...ASAP
Thanks in advance

A S Shijohn

Thank you ...
Please any one mention the name of this algorithm????

hi.i want to use this code .please help me.
what's iy's algorithm?
can any one explain the code ?

What type of algorithm is used ???

Aruna S

Pls I need this code

i need this code plz

Pls I need this code


To all of you wondering, that's a xor "encryption".

can you tell me name of the algorithm?

pls provide code of aes algorithm for image encryption

Selva Karna

i will check and reply you

please name the algorithm

i am working on image encryption by using elliptic curve, and i am getting some problems to decrypt it.
i am getting wrong decryption if the chosen base point and encrypted point(cipher point)are coming equal, with some private key.
but if i change private key , then i get right decryption.

which algorithm is used?

sir/madam, I got errors while running keygeneration and image process how can I resolve it

sathya ram

elsa sabu


Can anybody please help me how to give inputs and how to obtain output?





Sir can you name this algorithm?
From where i can get the references for this algorithm?


Can u plz name the algorithm
u used for the encryption
e.g AES or DES ... etc

Guru Hari

Can u gv me code for generating secret code key for image rarly as possinle.....itsss verry urgent

sir please can you name this algorithm....

first you need a to run the m file and carefully reed the script,

How to excecute the Code

thanks . the algorithm is "key generation"



please name the algorithm

Yue Wu

Is the implemented cipher has been published somewhere? I am interested in reading its full paper.

Can u define the algorithm which u have used


how to execute this coding with an image

Rocky A

Thank you ^^

Mr Smart

plz name of the algorithm

muna majeed

thanks for this program, and i want to ask about the name of this encryption

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