matlab2hypre and hypre2matlab

Read and write files with sparse matrices and vectors in hypre format
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MATLAB sparse matrix converter to Hypre
MATLAB vector converter to Hypre
Hypre sparse matrix converter to MATLAB
Hypre vector converter to MATLAB

The Parallel High Performance Preconditioners (hypre) is a library of routines for scalable (parallel) solution of linear systems. The built-in BLOPEX package in addition allows solving eigenvalue problems. See and

Hypre currently does not have a direct MATLAB interface. These codes allow one to transfer data between hypre and MATLAB/OCTAVE.

Our previous code,
is not Hypre 2.6.0b compatible.

GNU OCTAVE compatible. Tested with Octave 3.2.3 and Hypre 2.6.0b.

This code is a part of the BLOPEX package: or directly

Copyright 2010 Bryan C. Smith, Diana Zakaryan, Andrew V. Knyazev

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Andrew Knyazev (2024). matlab2hypre and hypre2matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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