checkClass - inspect a Java/Matlab/Python/​COM/C++/.NET class

Version 1.41 (83,3 KB) von Yair Altman
Inspect a Java/MCOS/Python/C++/.NET object or classname and display its methods, properties, events, superclasses, subclasses, constants etc
Aktualisiert 26. Apr 2024

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checkClass inspects the specified Java, Matlab (MCOS), .NET, Python, C++ (CLib), or COM (ActiveX) object reference or class-name, and reports its superclass(es), interfaces, new/modified methods, super/sub-classes, properties, events, constants, enumerations and annotations.
metadata = checkClass(...) returns a meta.class or meta.package object that encapsulates the input object.
This utility complements the GUI-based UIINSPECT utility by being Command-Prompt based and also by highlighting the object components that were modified in the inspected class compared to its parent superclass.
checkClass(..., level) % default level=1 % Note: changed default in v1.32!
metadata = checkClass(...)
Usage examples:
% Java objects/classes
jButton = javax.swing.JButton('Click me!');
jButton.checkClass; % or: checkClass(jButton)
% Matlab (MCOS) objects/classes/packages
checkClass matlab.ui.Figure % equivalent to above
checkClass matlab.ui.control % package name (contains classes, sub-packages)
% .NET objects/classes/packages
% Python objects/classes/modules
Technical description:
Bugs and suggestions:
Please send to Yair Altman (altmany at gmail dot com)

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Yair Altman (2024). checkClass - inspect a Java/Matlab/Python/COM/C++/.NET class (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Version Veröffentlicht Versionshinweise

improved display of class property/method descriptions


fixed display of properties in abstract classes; fixed display of default empty char array value; fixed display of classes with no properties

display newlines in main description (unlike in methods/properties/events); display dynamic Python properties; strip irrelevant content from descriptive comments; fixed display of array DefaultValue; added separate display of MCOS constants

displayed methods descriptions & attributes where available; distinguished between Python package/module; minor display improvements

improved Python support; clarified display of redefined methods; removed display of missing superclass constructors; fixed some cases of enumerated values; improved display of MCOS property meta-data and enumeration values

minor fixes to multi-line method/property descriptions (where available); ignored description changes when comparing class to superclass; merged GetAccess+SetAccess modifiers where possible; de-hyperlinked i.e.,e.g.

Fixed code origin of packages that have no classes; improved display of function/method args in certain cases; fixed properties PartialMatchPriority display; added underlying MCOS enum values; fixed case of duplicate methods

added package-level function info; added enumeration underlying values; added MS doc link & assembly info for .NET clases; hyperlinked code origin; return class metadata; several small fixes

*** MAJOR UPDATE *** - added MCOS package & origin info; added javadoc link for Java classes; many fixes to superclasses, methods, description, hyperlinks; changed default level

improved display of class description, no-arg methods, DefaultValue etc.

improved display of Java Enums and Java classloader info; extended property information (type, validations, default value); avoid field lengths warnings

handled case of javahandle* objects

fixed a couple of edge cases

improved display of class hierarchies; fixes for MCOS classes

fixed some edge cases; improved the display of multiple super-classes

attribution of whereisjavaclassloadingfrom created by Andrew Janke

fixed the downloadable file

added display of class origin information; fixed report for some .Net classes that are reported as A*B*C; fixed some edge cases

fixed java annotations

handle missing/string input; handle MCOS objects

fixed edge case

enabled checking Matlab-wrapped (javahandle_withcallbacks) handles; displayed function return values & qualifiers; fixed dot-notation internal classes; fixed a few edge-case bugs; added hyperlinks to user-generated subclasses (myclass$subclass)

fixed problem when directly specifying requested superclass level; fixed static fields value display; fixed minor bug with non-derived class

linked to checkClass (not uiinspect); fixed some edge cases; displayed superclass for non-Matlab classes; displayed class modifiers

displayed static field values; fixed minor bug; displayed missing/extra constructors