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pdfapp: a pedestrian pdf concatenator

version (3.18 KB) by us
PDFAPP appends PDF files to a new PDF file

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Updated 16 Mar 2010

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PDFAPP concatenates existing PDF files into
one PDF file using a user installed version
in essence, it creates an input file @INPUT
for the GS application and runs it by a
call to SYSTEM().

> help pdfapp
for usage and a brief example for this small utility

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us (2020). pdfapp: a pedestrian pdf concatenator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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thanks for your comments, mark

so far, we never ran into this problem...

a few thoughts
1) PDFAPP only creates the input to GHOSTSCRIPT and nothing else; in particular, it does not open/change/etc the PDF files...
2) hence, it all depends on how your GS version is handling your PDFs, which might be in a compressed format (just a guess)...

here's an example, which shows a reasonably sized output

print -dpdf -r600 ex_01.pdf;
print -dpdf -r600 ex_02.pdf;
pdfapp foo ex_01.pdf ex_02.pdf;
PDFAPP> F:\usr\matlab\TMP\fex\ags\test\foo.pdf
1 > F:\usr\matlab\TMP\fex\ags\test\ex_01.pdf
2 > F:\usr\matlab\TMP\fex\ags\test\ex_02.pdf
PDFAPP> F:\usr\matlab\TMP\fex\ags\test\foo.pdf [260 kb]
ls -latr *.pdf
-rw---a 133978 6-21-2010 9:42p ex_01.pdf
-rw---a 133978 6-21-2010 9:42p ex_02.pdf
-rw---a 266557 6-21-2010 9:43p foo.pdf
% ds = 267956
% thus, in this case, the output is even slightly smaller...


Mark Brown

I had an old version of GhostScript which didn't work with this program. I downloaded and installed the latest version, and it ran fine, but it appended 11 files totalling 1.26MB into a single 17MB output -- a expansion of 13 times!

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