Simple acoustic horn design for amplification

Simple acoustic horn designs for exponential and catenoidal horns.


Updated 21 Jun 2010

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horn.m is the main program which designs exponential and catenoidal horns. The user inputs the cutoff frequency (Hz) and the throat radius in (meters).

horn.m calculates the required length and shape constant of the horn to efficiently radiate at the cutoff frequency. It is assumed that the cutoff frequency corresponds to the wavelength being equal to the circumference of the horn at the mouth.

For the square horn design profile the sub programs exp_horn and cat_horn output dxf files for manufacturing the horns.
The flat sheet fabrication plot is for manufacturing a square horn from sheet metal or plywood. The red solid line is the wide sheet for the top and bottom and the solid line is the narrower sheet for the sides.

horn.m outputs position and radius design vectors.

horn.m outputs outputs plots of the horn shape and impedance at the mouth.

For exponential horn design only use exp_horn.m
For catenoidal horn design only use cat_horn.m

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please contact Ed Zechmann at Thanks,

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Changed parallel curve from dashed line to red solid line and fixed bug in outputting variable r and s.

Updated the flat sheet fabrication plot for manufacturing a square horn from plywood.

Updated Comments.

Fixed a bug in outputting the dxf files. Updated references

Program can output dxf files for reading fabracation plots into AutoCad. Must download DXF creation files from

Added bracket design to fabrication plot and variable output. Fixed a bug in profile plot.

Now Outputs 3-D Surface Plots!