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Generate random numbers uniformally in a given range or matching a given normal distribution


Updated 6 Oct 2009

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randMat: Generates a matrix of random numbers with uniform or normal distribution on a specified interval [a,b] or with a specific mean (a) and variance (b) for any number of a,b pairs. For uniform distributions,the values returned by the MATLAB function rand() are multiplied by (b-a), then added to a. For normal distributions the output of randn() is multiplied by the standard deviation (b), and then added to the desired to the mean (a).

Arguments: (input)

a - (i x 1) row vector of values specifying the lower limit in each
interval or mean value of the normal distribution.

b - (i x 1) row vector of values specifying the higher limit in each
interval or variance of the normal distribution.

method - (i x 1) row vector of integers to indicate normal or uniform
distribution for each corresponding a,b pair, 0 indicates a
uniform distribution, 1 indicates a normal distribution.

n - scalar, number of random numbers to be output for all desired

newseed - optional scalar, if 1, a new seed is generated from the
system clock, if 0 the existing sequence is used. If
omitted, the default value is zero.

Arguments: (output)

numbers - (i x n) matrix of random numbers generated for each a,b pair
in the input arguments. Each a,b pair's corresponding output is
represented by a column of n random numbers.

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