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Exporting a MATLAB plot/figure to Excel

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Updated 09 Mar 2009

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Very simple and small program to export a MATLAB fig or plot to a specific excel file. (location of the plot in the excel file can be changed by changing the "Range" variable... )

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Amit (2020). Exporting a MATLAB plot/figure to Excel (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Amit Doshi

Luisa, from your comment it looks like you wish to have MATLAB figure exported to excel with all its properties such as rotate, pan, zoom. If that's the case, try MATLAB compiler for excel add-in. Let me know if it helps.

Luisa Acero

Its only a picture

Sami Najafi

Is there any way to upload the graph in that particular excel sheet from where program read the data?

and what if we have 3 sheets in one excel?

Amit Doshi

@Fredrik: Yes, it is possible. I am uploading improved version of this file.


Is there a way to get the plot in sheet 2, 3 or possibly n?


Only exports as a picture

Elena D

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