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A GUI tool to obtain test cases for missing coverage objectives


Updated 1 Sep 2016

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This tool helps users to import hand-created test cases into a Simulink model and obtain test cases for missing coverage objectives using Simulink Design Verifier (SLDV).
You can supply existing test cases by CSV files or Simulink MAT files (variable name and structure are hard-coded).
Example use case 1:
This tool semi-automates test generation by using SLDV to augment tests developed by hand. You start by manually creating test cases using your existing workflow or process.
Hand-created test cases are often easy to understand but may not fully cover your model. SLDV can then be used to provide additional test cases for the missing coverage objectives.

Example use case 2:
This tool imports test cases created by SLDV and then incrementally adds new test cases for your modified model. You start by specifying a MAT file generated by SLDV for the original model
(It contains the sldvData variable). You then run SLDV for the modified model. SLDV generates test cases only for the newly added coverage objectives.
There are two benefits to this use case:
1. You can focus on understanding the new test cases for the missing coverage objectives. (Without this tool, some of existing test cases might be changed for the unmodified portions of your model)
2. Importing test cases often reduces analysis time.

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