Keysight N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Keysight N8241A MATLAB instrument driver
Aktualisiert 31. Mär 2017

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MATLAB® supports Agilent /Keysight arbitrary waveform generators through the Instrument Control Toolbox™. This MATLAB instrument driver is for use with Instrument Control Toolbox v2.5 and higher.
This driver is a MATLAB IVI instrument driver that also requires the Agilent IVI driver to operate. The Agilent IVI driver is available from the Keysight website at, or possibly as part of the software that came with the instrument.
Important notes: This driver has been created for the purpose of demonstration and has not been tested on all Agilent arbitrary waveform generators. However, it may work for similar models. Please provide feedback using the submission review feature on this page and let us know whether this driver worked with your specific instrument.
Information on using MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox for instrument communication is available at:

For additional information on using MATLAB with Agilent instruments, including MATLAB examples, demos, drivers, and videos, visit:

NOTE: Some browsers may render the driver file rather than saving the file to disk. If this occurs, select "Save As..." from the File menu of your browser to save the driver data to a local file.

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