Bilinear Fit

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Fit two intersecting straight lines to a set of x,y data points.
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bilinearFit.m is a function that fits two intersecting straight lines to a set of x,y data points. The slopes and intercepts are chosen to minimize the sum squared error in the y-direction between the data and the corresponding line. The function calls lsqnonlin(), which is in the Optimization Toolbox.
Usage: [a0,a1,b0,b1,x0]=bilinearFit(x,y)
Fitting function:
if (red line in figure below)
if (blue line in figure below)
where is the x-coordinate of the intersection.
The script bilinearFitTest.m demonstrates the use of bilinearFit.m, and it displays results on the console and in a plot.
Reference: Josephson MD, Rose WC, Knight CA (2019). Evidence of bilinearity in the relationship between rate of neuromuscular excitation and rate of force development. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 49: 102355.

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