Multicore - Parallel processing on multiple cores

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This package provides parallel processing on multiple cores/machines.


Updated 21 Jul 2014

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This package provides parallel processing on multiple cores on a single machine or on multiple machines that have access to a common directory.
If you have multiple function calls that are independent of each other, and you can reformulate your code as

for k = 1:numel(parameterCell)
resultCell{k} = myfun(parameterCell{k});

then, replacing the loop by

resultCell = startmulticoremaster(@myfun, parameterCell);

allows you to evaluate your loop in parallel. All you need to do is to start as many additional Matlab sessions/processes as you want slaves to work, and to run


in those additional Matlab sessions.

Everything is programmed in plain and platform-independent Matlab - no toolboxes are used, no compilation of mex-files is necessary.

Please get started with 1. the documentation in file multicore.html, 2. the help lines of function startmulticoremaster.m and 3. the demo function multicoredemo.m.

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I have spent many hours to develop this package. If you would like to let me know that you appreciate my work, you can do so by leaving a donation:

Keywords: Parallel processing, distributed computing, multiple cores.

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired: gapolyfitn, Batch Job

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