Problem 1161. Binpack Contest: Retro

The Full Binpack Rules and examples.

This Challenge is a replay opportunity of the First Matlab Contest, 1998 BinPack.

Brief Challenge statement: Pack a 45(mediaLength) minute CD as maximally as possible given a list of songs of varying lengths. No penalty for unused songs. No song duplication allowed. Return the indices of the songs used.

Input: [songList, mediaLength]

Output: indexList


Input: [ 0.5 2 3 1.5 4], [5.6]

Output: [4 5] as 1.5+4 is very near and below 5.6.

The answer of [1 2 3] is also valid and also gives 5.5.

Scoring: 150*Gap/(12*45)+Time*3 (cases are repeated 100 times to get a time)

Warning: Matlab 2013B may produce time slowing error messages versus 1998 code.

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86.96% Correct | 13.04% Incorrect
Last Solution submitted on Jun 16, 2018

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