Molviewer: How to extract data? to redirect console output

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Igor am 21 Jun. 2011
>> h3awo=pdbread(
>> h3awo=pdbread(3awo.pdb) % альтернатива – чтение с локального адреса
>> hg=molviewer(h3awo)
By this way I have 2 links to math and graph data. But if I execute simple >> molviewer and File/Open pdb-file, how can I get access to this object.
Another question -- at radiobutton colorsheme/amino -- how to list in matlab window, what colors are used for what aminoacids? May be there Jmol-script, but how to redirect the output from Jmol-console?
Similar question -- how to get, for example, the vector of all carbon atoms within matlab workspace? (by ordinary command)

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