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Is imref3d new to 2013a?

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Colleen on 24 Oct 2013
Commented: Alex Taylor on 25 Oct 2013
I'm using imref3d to help me register 2 images together. Currently, I am using 2013a which works wonderfully. Due to the large dataset I'm trying to use the university's computer cluster to more quickly process my data. However, I need to use 2012b to use the cluster and I'm getting an error with the imref3d command. Is this do to a change from 2012b to 2013a? Or is it some other syntax error?

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Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor on 24 Oct 2013
Yes, imref3d was introduced to the Image Processing Toolbox in R2013a.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor on 25 Oct 2013
No, there is no functionality analogous to imref3d prior to R2013a. There is no way to use imref3d in R2012b.

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