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Why doesn't the 'ver' command list all of the products that I have installed?

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I installed MATLAB and other toolboxes, OR I installed additional toolboxes into an existing MATLAB installation.
The output of the 'ver' command does not list all of my toolboxes.
How can I get the 'ver' command to list all my toolboxes and restore them to the MATLAB interface?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 21 Mai 2024
Bearbeitet: MathWorks Support Team am 21 Mai 2024


The 'ver' command will only output installed toolboxes. If you recently purchased a toolbox, the toolbox will appear in the Add-On Manager after you update your license file. For instructions on how to update your license file and install the toolbox, please refer to the following articles:

The 'ver' command does not output all of the installed toolboxes

The "ver" command lists the toolboxes which are installed according to the "pathdef.m" file which stores MATLAB's path. If you have a pathdef.m file in your MATLAB's "userpath" folder (by default Documents/MATLAB), MATLAB will use that pathdef.m file instead of the default file in the /toolbox/local folder within your MATLAB installation directory. The default /toolbox/local/pathdef.m file is the one which gets updated when you install an additional toolbox.
If you have a pathdef.m file in your Documents/MATLAB folder, please rename it to "pathdef_old.m" to disable it. Then launch a new MATLAB session and confirm that all of the installed toolboxes now appear in the output of "ver".
You can confirm the location of all pathdef.m files with this command:
>> which -all pathdef.m
For more information, see:
What Is the MATLAB Search Path?
If the toolboxes are still missing, you can reset the MATLAB path by executing the following command from the MATLAB Command Window ('savepath' usually requires admin permissions):
>> restoredefaultpath
>> savepath
Please note: the above commands will remove any custom path. After executing this command, please restart MATLAB and run the 'ver' command again. It should now list all of your toolboxes.
If 'ver' still does not output all of the installed toolboxes, there might be an issue with the toolbox installation. Please refer to the "How do I install additional toolboxes into an existing installation of MATLAB?" link at the beginning of this article for instructions on how to complete a toolbox installation.
If the toolboxes are still not present after installation, contact Installation and Licensing Support:

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