How can I pass extra parameters to an output function in the Optimization Toolbox?

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I'm trying to specify an output function in my optimization options as an anonymous function so as to pass additional parameters to it. My options structure is defined as follows:
options = optimset('outputfcn',@(x)outfun(x,extraArg),'display','iter',...
function stop = outfun(x,optimValues,state,extraarg)
end % nested function
As a result, I get the following error:
??? Error using ==> runfminsearch>@(x)myfunObj(x,k1,k2,k3)
Too many input arguments.
I need to pass additional arguments to an output function using an anonymous function.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 Jan 2011
An output function expects 3 input arguments:
stop = outfun(x, optimValues, state)
Thus, the anonymous function, which is the value of the 'OutputFcn' property in the call to OPTIMSET, should be defined as follows:
options = optimset('outputfcn',@(x,optimValues,state)outfun(x,optimValues,state,extraArg),'display','iter',...
That is, @(x,optimValues,state)outfun(x,optimValues,state,extraArg) instead of @(x)outfun(x,extraArg).

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