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Is it possible to model backlash with the Gear Constraint block in SimMechanics 2.1 (R13)?

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It would be helpful if the Gear Constraint block would allow me to incorporate backlash in my model.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 17 Apr. 2024
Bearbeitet: MathWorks Support Team am 17 Apr. 2024
The ability to incorporate backlash within the Gear Constraint block is not available. However, there is a demo available: mech_gears_backlash.mdl. See:
The essential technique is to use SimMechanics Sensors and Actuators to create the backlash effect in the gears. You can also use the Backlash block found in the Simulink Discontinuities library.
Also see solution #1-19VXH

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