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How to avoid "Timeout waiting for OBJ to stop."

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Valeriy on 19 Oct 2013
Answered: Valeriy on 4 Jun 2014
I have a problem with acquisition of data from soundcard under Win7/32 with Data Acquisition Toolbox and Matlab 7.12.0. Data reading from soundcard works well during long time, which can be from tens' minutes till few hours but occasionally process stop with following error message:
Warning: Internal STOP error: Timeout waiting for OBJ to stop.
Stop has been forced.
Increasing of waiting time in wait command give not results:
it only increase waiting time before showing error message. Putting this command lines inside try/catch sturcture did not helps as well It seems that soundcard hardly stop responding on demand of Matlab, but change of soundcard did not helps in solving of this problem. Experiments with change of TriggerType did not help as well It seems that authors of who have similar problem fix it by using session-specific interface, but it seems that this is possible only with National Instruments hardware, not with the soundcards. These authors state also that change of Matlab version did not help with this problem.
1. How to possible to fix this problem?
2. If answer on question 1 is negative, is it possible to recover work of function to continue measurements after this error?
Many thanks for constructive reply


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Accepted Answer

Valeriy on 4 Jun 2014
Perhaps my experience will be useful for somebody who met such a problem.
To correct it I have changed many parts of computer: several sound cards, hard disk where matlab was installed, RAM memory modules, nothing corrected it. Problem was fixed only when I have changed motherboard. After such a change this problem disappears.
Good luck, Valeriy


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