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Using Coder's generated C files in Visual Studio ?

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Louis on 8 Jun 2011
[EDIT: 20110608 10:34 CDT - reformat - WDR]
Hello Folks,
I have successfully changed my .m files to .c files using Matlab Coder. May you guide me on how to use these files in Visual Studio ?
my function name is faceImage.c
In my Visual Studio .cpp file, I included:
#include "faceImage.h"
#include "faceImage_initialize.h"
#include "faceImage_terminate.h"
But when i compile the file i get:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl faceImage_initialize(void)" (?faceImage_initialize@@YAXXZ) referenced in function _wmain
Can you please give me an example or any reference that may aid me to solve such problem.
Loads of thanks

Accepted Answer

John Elliott
John Elliott on 8 Jun 2011
Assuming you're just generating the C++ code (and not creating a library), don't forget to add faceImage_initialize.cpp and faceImage_terminate.cpp to you VS project. Adding something to the linker's path won't do the job.
If you're creating a library using MATLAB Coder, then you need to add the library to the linker's input files in your VS project.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 8 Jun 2011
Have you included faceImage.c in your Visual Studio project?
Note that if you are calling C functions from C++ files, you need to include the extern "C" directive: How do I call a C function from C++?
You might need to add this to the generated header files for all functions that you intend to call from a .cpp file.
Louis on 8 Jun 2011
Thank you very much for your answers. Instead of going through the hassle of adding the C extern, i regenerated C++ files using Coder. So now i have faceImage.cpp.
So now i should be able to call it easily. I added the path(\codegen\lib\faceImage) to the Visual Studio's project. Specifically: C/C++->general-> Additional Include Directories, and to Linkers->general->Additional Library Directories.
Sadly, i still get the same LNK2019 error. Do you think i am having a problem in adding the headers or the library ?
Really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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