Help request using Wind field simulation (the fast version)

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Jaime De La Mota Sanchis
Jaime De La Mota Sanchis on 4 Aug 2021
Hello everyone.
I am currently working in an aircraft trajectory optimization problem in the presence of wind uncertainty.
I would like to create a series of 2D correlated wind field over an area at a fixed time, being this wind field in the northward and eastward directions mimicking elements of an ensemble weather forecast.
I have found this set of functions which seem to do all I want and more. However, I don't understand very well what I am doing.
Has someone tried to use this functions before and can tell me how to do what I need? (an output with a pair of XY coordinates and a windspeed in the X direction and another in the Y direction)
I know this has to do with the function windSimFast, but I don't have very clear how to do it.
Best regards.

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