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ODE45 with multiple loading functions

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Mishal Mohanlal
Mishal Mohanlal am 3 Aug. 2021
Kommentiert: Mishal Mohanlal am 4 Aug. 2021
Hi Guys
Assumming a SDOF problem where we have a function as shown below for the differential equation (note that there may be some errors in my code as it was just written on the forum and not taken from an actual example).
This function will be called up using ODE45 to develop the numerical solution.
If there is a requirement that at a specific time increment "theta*t" would need to change to "2*theta*t".
Can the above mentioned be implimented within the below function as presented by the bold font?
Note my query is not with regards the commands to perform the decision making, but rather if those commands can be used in a function which will then be called up by ODE45.
function yp = forced(t,y)
yp = [y(2);((f/m)*sin(theta*t))-((c/m)*y(2))-(k/m)*y(1)))];
if t >= 5
yp = [y(2);((f/m)*sin(2*theta*t))-((c/m)*y(2))-(k/m)*y(1)))];
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darova am 3 Aug. 2021
Yes, it's ok
Your code can be shorter by the way
C1 = (t>=5)*theta*t;
yp = [y(2);((f/m)*sin(C1 + theta*t))-((c/m)*y(2))-(k/m)*y(1)))];
Mishal Mohanlal
Mishal Mohanlal am 4 Aug. 2021
Thanks for the clarification

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