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Delete rows in cell aray where there is anything in one collum.

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I have multiple cell arrays and I would like to delete whole rows based on one particular column, if there is anything (text or number) in this column.
Karel Starý
Karel Starý on 3 Aug 2021
Thanks for looking at my question!
You are right, it's the selected one. In this case the name of the variable is EventLTEEvents. Here you have my sample table:

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Accepted Answer

Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 3 Aug 2021
A cell array is the wrong way to store these data. You want a table, or probably a timetable. The fact that you say, "the name of the variable is EventLTEEvents" makes me wonder if you already have that. And I recommend that you store text in those tables as string, not as cell arrays of char rows.
Once you have that, deleting rows based on a condition is just subscripting, e.g.
T(T.X > 10,:) = []
In your case, the condition is probably something like strlength(T.EventLTEEvents) > 0.

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