How to overlay 3D subvolume onto a 3D volume?

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Colleen on 27 Sep 2013
Answered: Ringo Cheung on 8 Sep 2018
I have created a subvolume within a bone to quantify bone volume. Now, I would like to be able to visualize this subvolume within the original volume (ideally in 3D space). I decided to first attempt to overlay only one slice which makes this a 2D problem. I used the imfuse() and it overlayed the images but the subvolume was displayed in the top left corner. I wasn't surprised by this outcome because I'm assuming it's based on the coordinates it is using. However, is there a way to show the original position of the subvolume? The total volume has dimensions 512 X 512 X 301. The subvolume has dimensions 21 X 31 X 6 and it was created using subvolume(V,[150,180,200,220,70,75]). Please let me know if my question is unclear or if more information is required. Thank you.

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Ringo Cheung
Ringo Cheung on 8 Sep 2018
Hi Colleen,
I am not sure if you still need a solution on this.
I was having the same problem but I managed to use imtranslate and set the outputview parameter to "full" so as to translate the subvolume back to its original position instead of the upper left corner.
Try this if you want a solution on this.

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