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GA for single variable

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Swapnil Kavitkar
Swapnil Kavitkar on 23 Jul 2021
Commented: Chunru on 23 Jul 2021
Can I use genetic algorithm for single variable constrained optimization?
my function is f (x) = a/(x-log(x/t))
s.t. f(x) < 1
where a & t are constants

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Chunru on 23 Jul 2021
Edited: Chunru on 23 Jul 2021
Yes, you can. Howerver, no gurantee of the optimal solution (just like any other non-linear optimization approaches).
a = 1;
t = 1;
xopt = ga(@(x) min(a./(x-log(x/t)), 1), 1)
Optimization terminated: stall generations limit exceeded.
xopt = -555.4795
ans = -0.0018 + 0.0000i
Chunru on 23 Jul 2021
"doc ga" to find out all the options available.

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