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How to have multiple lines in a table variable name?

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Dominik Mattioli
Dominik Mattioli am 21 Jul. 2021
Kommentiert: Steven Lord am 7 Feb. 2024
Can you change the interpreter of the table to format variable names? Both of these examples fail to accomplish the goal:
% Example 1: sprintf().
varName = { sprintf( 'A multi-\nline name' ) };
t = table( 'Size', horzcat( 1, 1 ), 'VariableNames', varName, 'VariableTypes', { 'double' } )
% Example 2: multi-line char array.
varName = char( 'A multi-', 'line name' );
t = table( 'Size', horzcat( 1, 1 ), 'VariableNames', varName, 'VariableTypes', { 'double' } )

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski am 21 Jul. 2021
t = table(1,'VariableNames',"hello"+newline+"world")
t = table
hello↵world ___________ 1
t(1, "hello"+newline+"world")
ans = table
hello↵world ___________ 1
Not sure why you'd want this though?
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Dominik Cisar
Dominik Cisar am 7 Feb. 2024
Could be very helpful for me as well. Are there any plans to add this feature?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 7 Feb. 2024
Generally we don't comment on whether or not there are plans to implement any feature.
But this does seem like a reasonable enhancement request. Please contact Technical Support directly using this link and ask them to add this to the enhancement request database. When you ask this of Support, please share with them how you would use this functionality if it existed. There may be an alternate solution they could offer that might not be exactly what you want but may be "good enough" for your purposes, or if there isn't your use case could be helpful when the developers are reviewing the enhancement request.

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