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How do I install Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox into an existing installation of MATLAB?

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Nogoye Diaw
Nogoye Diaw on 19 Jul 2021
Commented: Nogoye Diaw on 11 Aug 2021
I have called one function in which random is used but an error comes up 'random' requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. I click on this link and it asks to install it. I click on it and I see this window "Your administrator has restricted your download access to this MathWorks product".

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Jul 2021
I recommend contacting your license administrator (probably someone in your school or company's IT department) and asking them for permission to download, install, and use Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
Depending on how the code you're calling uses the random function (what distribution you're using) you may be able to modify the code to use rand (continuous uniform distribution), randi (discrete uniform distribution), or randn (normal distribution) instead.

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