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How to align headings with array elements

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I was hoping to understand how to create additional space in an array so my array elements are aligned with the headings above
% Program that display's distance travelled, Liters of fuel used
% Km/s per liter liters per 100Km
% Define and assign values to variables
% Create functions to calculate Km/L & L/100Km
% Display results
Distance=100; % Km's travelled
Fuel=25; % Litres of fuel used
FConsump=Distance./Fuel; % Calculate Km's per Liter
Economy=Fuel./Distance.*100; % Calculate Litres per 100Km
disp('Distance Liters Used Km/L L/100Km'); % Display headings
disp([Distance, Fuel, FConsump, Economy]); % Display values

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 17 Jul 2021
Edited: Simon Chan on 17 Jul 2021
Use sprintf and tab, of course, need some manual adjustment.
disp(sprintf('Distance\tLiters Used\tKm/L\tL/100Km'));
disp(sprintf('%d\t\t\t%d\t\t\t%d\t\t%d',Distance, Fuel, FConsump, Economy))
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Daniel Lardner
Daniel Lardner on 18 Jul 2021
Hi Simon,
Thanks for the explanation. I am new to Matlab and was not aware of this function.
Many thanks.

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