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Looking for a System Identification Course

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Jason H. Nicholson
Jason H. Nicholson am 12 Jul. 2021
I have struggled getting good results from the System Identification toolbox for years. Does anyone know of a course I can take in System Identification online over the course of a semester or in person over the course of a week?
I have several books I am reading right now along with Ljung's book. I still find the material complex enough that I could use a course.

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Jason H. Nicholson
Jason H. Nicholson am 19 Jul. 2021
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Vibhav Gaur
Vibhav Gaur am 1 Mai 2023
Thanks so much for compiling this list of resources!
Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson am 2 Mai 2023
You're welcome. :)

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Robbie Murchison
Robbie Murchison am 15 Jun. 2022
Hey, I’ve only just started it but I’ve found what seems to be a really good series of videos on YouTube. I think it is connected to a university course. The author is Franky de Bruyne and the playlist is “System Identification; Linear theory”.
Would also recommend Alan Oppenheim, Signals and Systems book for background on convolution and transforms but you might already be beyond that :).
Good luck with your studies and cheers for posting.

Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir am 16 Jul. 2021
There is a lot of information on System Identification Toolbox in the MathWorks documentations. You can leverage them to explore and learn more about this domain.
In addition you can go through many vidoes recorded which cover different features of this toolbox. For example, Introduction to System Identification might be of help to you.
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Jason H. Nicholson
Jason H. Nicholson am 19 Jul. 2021
Bearbeitet: Jason H. Nicholson am 19 Jul. 2021
I am aware of the level of documentation; I use the PDF documentation, which is 1396 pages in length. I have been through a lot of the doucmentation before and am going through it again now. However, a lot is missing in how you set up your experiment and how noise propagates through your model.
I have already been through all the System Identification videos.
I have owned Lennart Ljung's book for a long time and have read chapters of it. System Identification is a deep enough topic that guidance is needed. I don't find that learning System Identification is a quick self-train topic. Instead, I think a course in the fundamentals is required.

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