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Andrew Diamond
Andrew Diamond on 8 Jul 2021
Commented: Andrew Diamond on 12 Jul 2021
I've seen the documentaiton on uipushtool and uitoolbar but I still don't understand how to recreate the standard figure default toobar (or at least some of its standard buttons) on an app designer figure;

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Srinik Ramayapally
Srinik Ramayapally on 12 Jul 2021
The figure toolbar is created by default when the figure is launched.
You can create a new toolbar by entering
your_figure_handle = figure;
tb = uitoolbar(your_figure_handle);
If at all you dont want to create a new toolbar but instead you just want to access the default one, you can do that by
defaultToolbar = findall(your_figure_handle,'Type','uitoolbar')
In the figure below a new pushtool has been created in the default figure toolbar
You can always add your own push tools and customize them, rearrange the existing ones and much more. For further information refer to the uitoolbar and uipushtool documentation
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Andrew Diamond
Andrew Diamond on 12 Jul 2021
Hi Srinik,
That doesn't seem to work in app designer UIFigure matlab.ui.Figure (at least not R2021a for me)
K>> defaultToolbar = findall(app.UIFigure,'Type','uitoolbar')
defaultToolbar =
0×0 empty GraphicsPlaceholder array.
where as
tb = uitoolbar(app.UIFigure);
K>> tb
tb =
Toolbar with properties:
Children: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
seeems to produce an empty toolbar in the UI.

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