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Avoid scientific notation in graphs

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Willian Alexander Correa Reyes
how to avoid scientific notation
My codes is:
tmp = readtable('re.csv');
y_line_1= table2array(tmp(:,7));
x_line_1= table2array(tmp(:,3));
grid on
xlabel('número de nodos')
ylim([4.0897014 4.0897016])
title('Independencia de malla')

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Bhavya Chopra
Bhavya Chopra am 8 Jul. 2021
Setting the ‘Exponent’ property for the axis to zero will remove the scientific notation for the axis. This can be achieved in your program as follows:
h = plot(x_line_1,y_line_1,'b-')
ax = ancestor(h, 'axes')
ax.XAxis.Exponent = 0;
Please refer to the documentation for the ancestor function and the NumericRuler Properties page for more information.
Further, please find attached a related MATLAB Answer: How can I prevent scientific notation on my axes in MATLAB R2015b and later?

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