A moving line plot in MATLAB figure with animation between 3 points

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Hi everyone, I need help to do an animated line for known coordinates
for example :(x1,y1)=(2,1)
simply i can plot these lines , but don't know how to animate from one point to another point. How can i do this??

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Johannes Hougaard
Johannes Hougaard on 6 Jul 2021
Could be something like this then...
It's super inefficient code and can definitely be improved in speed as well as complexity.
x = [2 3 4];
y = [1 2 2];
totaltime = seconds(10);
steptime = totaltime/length(x);
for ii = 1:length(x)-1
npoints = 999;
pointsx = linspace(x(ii),x(ii+1),npoints);
pointsy = linspace(y(ii),y(ii+1),npoints);
for jj = 1:npoints
xlim([min(x)*.8 max(x)*1.2]);
ylim([min(y)*.8 max(y)*1.2]);

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Srijan Jain
Srijan Jain on 5 Jul 2021
I understand you're trying to animate a line between 2 points.
Hope this helps

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