Output Simulink model (2009 verison) in Simulink/matlab 2021a

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I am using Matlab/simulink 2021a, I am trying to convert my simulink model to a previous simulink version (2009b), however, there is no such opition. The oldest version that can be converted in R2014a. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank you.
I can actually download simulink 2016a, firstly convert the 2021 version model to a 2016 version model and then using Simulink 2016 to convert the 2016 version model to a 2009 version model, but this method is not very smart and convenient. I am trying to directly use 2021a to output a 2009b version model.

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka am 5 Jul. 2021
Use the command Simulink.exportToVersion to export to previous versions.
exported_model = Simulink.exportToVersion(gcs, 'model_R2009a', 'R2009a')

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