Running a bash script from MATLAB

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Fabio Ambrosio
Fabio Ambrosio on 1 Jul 2021
Answered: Walter Roberson on 2 Jul 2021
I have a .sh script that needs to be run from MATLAB to open another program.
The command (/s/ typed directly into the UNIX terminal works successfully.
The problem is: when running the same command in MATLAB, using the "system" and "unix" function, MATLAB returns the status '0' but the .sh script does not open the other program. I know the script was running because it prints some variables.
Could someone help me with this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (2)

Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad on 2 Jul 2021

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jul 2021
When you system() or unix() then matlab does not use a login shell, so some initialization might not be done. Aliases might not be set up for example.
Also because it is not a login shell, your shell PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH might not have been set the way you expect.
You might need to
export VARIABLE=VALUE bash /s/
or something like that


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