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2D vector field video quiver

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Hey guys,
I wrote a code to create 2D flow field but there are some strangeness in my vector plot and the video. When I zoom the vector field there are lots of velocity vectors at the same point and in the video after a few msec previous vector fields are frozen on the screen and the rest flow over them. I don't understans the reason so i couldn't fix my code. If you're able to help I would be appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
mehtap agirsoy
mehtap agirsoy on 29 Jun 2021
For each iteration it plots the previous vakues also. For example for the 5th iteration it plots 5 vectors at the same point but it should just plot the 5th one.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 29 Jun 2021
You seem to never release the hold on the plots - the result is that all subsequent plots are added to the current one. So somewhere after your call to videoWriter do a hold off and move the hold on call to after the first plotting command in the loop. That way you will wipe the contents in the axes. You could also do a clf after the videoWriter-call.
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mehtap agirsoy
mehtap agirsoy on 29 Jun 2021
got it, it works now, thanks a lot

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