NFTOOL with multiple inputs and multiple output problem

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IamManny am 28 Jun. 2021
Beantwortet: Vineet Joshi am 30 Aug. 2021
Hello Everyone.
I am developing a feedforward neural network with MATLAB NFTOOL BOX. The model has 9 inputs and 4 outputs. The issue is, I would love to get the individual graphs, R values and MSE of each output. But I noticed only four graphs representing the training, validation, testing and all data are provided. Also, just a single MSE and R value is provided.
My question is, how can I derive the graphs, R values and MSE of each of the 4 outputs?

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Vineet Joshi
Vineet Joshi am 30 Aug. 2021
The nftool GUI only gives the overall performance metric (MSE, R Value) at the end which can be used to judge the fitting of the network.
If you want more custom output you can use the tool from the Command Line.
The best way to do this is use the GUI to to set up your network and other parameters and then use the Save Script option to generate the script. The following link will help you in this.
Once you have the script, you can use the outputs to generate the required graphs.
Hope this helps.


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