INTERNAL ERROR. Failed assertion in sfdb_breakpoints.c at line 35: (script->b​m.breakpoi​nts).lengt​h>(unsigne​d int)(lineNumber-1)

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INTERNAL ERROR. Failed assertion in sfdb_breakpoints.c at line 35: (script->bm.breakpoints).length>(unsigned int)(lineNumber-1)
Has anybody seen this error before? I was using the MATLAB function "sim" to run the simulink model and got this error. Now when I try to run the simulink model independently, I get this error (whereas before trying to run it via MATLAB, it ran fine).
Any suggestions?

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Aditya on 16 Sep 2013
I ran into this error as well (I'm running 2012b 64 bit).
It went away when I restarted Matlab. That's the only solution I've been able to find.
Houssam on 7 Feb 2014
Yep - same experience here on 2013a 64bit. I was running the simulink model via function sim fine. Then it started giving this error. Re-starting 'fixed' it.

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Noam Greenboim
Noam Greenboim on 31 Dec 2014
This bug appears also in R2014a, but it is known to Mathworks. It happens because of a hidden breakpoint in an Embedded Matlab function block in Simulink. More details here:
Probably the easiest thing to do is just restart Matlab, since it clears all the breakpoints.

Igal on 13 May 2015
Same problem but I have no Embedded MATLAB Function block. Just a simple Script -> Function -> sim(modelname) The moment I put breakpoint @ the function bam!
Error using var_del_run (line 28) INTERNAL ERROR. Failed assertion in b:\matlab\toolbox\stateflow\src\sf_runtime\debugger\sfdb_breakpoints.cpp at line 22: (script->bm.breakpoints).length>(unsigned int)(lineNumber-1)
I do not have or use stateflow and there's no b: drive on my machine, so I am puzzled as for where this error is pointing.
r2014a x64 on a Win7 x64 machine.


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