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plot custom cubes inside a sphere

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Ali Farzanehpoor Alwars
Ali Farzanehpoor Alwars am 22 Jun. 2021
Beantwortet: Mann Baidi am 12 Apr. 2024
Hello everyone,
I want to fill a sphere with custom cubes, like this:
This is a 2D illustration, however i want to plot it 3D and after that, consider a specific color for each cube.
Thanks in advance,

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Mann Baidi
Mann Baidi am 12 Apr. 2024
Hi Ali,
As per my understading of the question,you would like to plot grid/cubes in a 3D sphere in MATLAB.
I would suggest you to use the 'surf' function in MATLAB for the same. You can change the dimensions of the cubes by specifying the number of faces of the sphere.
[X,Y,Z] = sphere(number_of_faces);
For coloring the cubes you can use the colormap function in MATLAB.
You can take help of the following code to proceed further.
[X,Y,Z] = sphere(50);
num_points = numel(Z);
cmap = cool(num_points);
hold on;
Feel free to explore more about the 'sphere', 'surf' and 'colormap' function using the documentation links mentioned below:
Hope this will help you with your query!




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