Undefined function 'symsum' for input arguments of type 'double'. for terahert band system model

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I am trying to code a system model in the terahertz band
This is my code and I have this error
Undefined function 'symsum' for input arguments of type 'double'.
close all; clear all;
freq = 275*10^9;
eta = 4;
c= 3*10^8;
lambda = c/freq;
path_gain_thz= ((c*sqrt(gt*gr))./(4*pi*freq*d)).*exp(-0.5*k*d); % hL = hAL * hFL
signal_bw = 10*10^9;
noise_psd = 3.8*10^(-17);
noise_power = noise_psd*signal_bw;
signal_power_dbm= -20:10:60;
signal_power_lin = 10.^(signal_power_dbm/10)*10^(-3);
power_noise_ratio_db = 20:10:60; %signal_power_dbm-noise_power_dbm;
power_noise_ratio = 10.^(power_noise_ratio_db/10);
cc=symsum(signal_bw,6)*log2*{1+ (2/noise_psd*k)};
Undefined function 'symsum' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in Energy_Model_WSNN (line 19)
cc=symsum(signal_bw,6)*log2*{1+ (2/noise_psd*k)};

Accepted Answer

Sharmin Kibria
Sharmin Kibria on 25 Jun 2021
If you are calling symsum with two inputs, the first input has to be a symbolic expression. As you are entering signal_bw as a numeric, the function is erroring out. Please refer to the documentation below for proper format of input arguments.

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