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How do I calculate the total number of bytes in my upload write to a Thingspeak channel

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my code
int x = ThingSpeak.writeFields(myChannelNumber[ChID], myWriteAPIKey[ChID]);
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Vinod am 16 Jun. 2021
ThingSpeak library handles calculation of payload size and formatting it as needed. Could you help me understand the use case for knowing the number of bytes of the upload -- if available, how would you use this information?

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Barnard Richards
Barnard Richards am 17 Jun. 2021
I am going to be evaluating a Arduino MKR NB1500 to upload to a Thingspeak channel.
The Cell phone companies charge for the number of bytes transmitted. I want to know how many bytes i might be able to economically upload with particular SIM card account.
I know a Thingspeak message is limited to 3000 bytes.
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Vinod am 17 Jun. 2021
Bearbeitet: Vinod am 17 Jun. 2021
Uncomment the following #define in the ThingSpeak library, and it will print out the exact details of what is sent to ThingSpeak servers. You can then calculate the bytes sent.
Barnard Richards
Barnard Richards am 18 Jun. 2021
Thanks Vinod,
My suggestion is that it would also be useful for Thingspeak to consider adding a get_data_length function to the Thingspeak library which can be called from the Arduino sketch.
but thanks again.

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