Can you help me to change a math solution to MATLAB codes?

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This is a math solution, but I do not know how to change it to MATLAB code.
I would like you to help me.

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Krishna Sutar
Krishna Sutar on 14 Jun 2021
From my understanding you want to convert the mathematical equations provided in the picture into MATLAB code. Here is the code which might help you:
ra=[0 0.3 0.12]
rb=[0 0.35 0.15]
omega=[0 1.5 2.6]
ab=[0 -2.73 1.575]
%omega x (omega x ra)
omegaCrossra = cross(omega,cross(omega,ra))
%2*omega x Vrel
vrel=cross([0 8 0],[0 0.3 0.12])
twoTimesOmegaCrossVrel = cross(2*omega,vrel)
%p x (p x ra)
p=[0 8 0]
arel = cross(p,cross(p,ra))
%Magnitude of aA
%angular acceleration
alpha=cross(omega,[0 9.5 2.6])
Please refer to cross product for more information on cross products of vectors and norm documentation for calculation of magnitude of the vector.

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