Indexing vectors in a cell matrix with for loops?

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I have a 1x8 cell matrix. Each cell contains a 30x500 matrix. I need to combine the 3 first row vectors in each cell to form a new matrix. The new matrix needs to have 8 columns, each column representing the original cell. That being said, the 3 original row vectors have to be combined in one column vector. My final matrix will be 1500x8.
Basically, I have no idea how to index vectors from each cell to form a new matrix.
Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

SALAH ALRABEEI on 7 Jun 2021
if true
% You can either use this
A{1}(1:3,:) %to extract the first 3 rows of the 1st matrix, and the same for all.
% Or convet the cell to mat, then you know the rest
B = reshape(cell2mat(A),30,1500,8);

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David Hill
David Hill on 7 Jun 2021
for k=1:8

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