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Feed Simbiology analyser custom ODE's

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Leo Garaffa
Leo Garaffa on 7 Jun 2021
Answered: Jeremy Huard on 7 Jun 2021
I'm building a mathematical model for a biological process. I have a set of ODE's ready for analysis, but I can't find a way to give these equations straight to the Simbiology analyser withouth first creating a diagram in the Simbiology model builder and hoping the ODE it spits out is the same as the one I already have.
Is there a way to do this?

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 7 Jun 2021
Hi Leo,
you will have to create a SimBiology model before using the Model Analyzer App.
That said, you can use rate rules and copy/paste your ODEs. For instance if you create a rate rule c = k*(a+b), SimBiology will interpret it and display it in the list of equations as .
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