How to keep constant weights in a Neural Network?

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Hi, I am trying to train only certain parameters of neural network in MATLAB 2021a, but I have not found anything related in the help menu.
I have found that it is possible to keep constant all the parameters of a certain layer by changing the layer attribute "trainable" to false, but in this case I would like to train some parameters of the layer. (Ex. There are 6 parameters in the layer and I want to fix two and train the remanining ones).
Thanks for your attention.

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SALAH ALRABEEI on 5 Jun 2021
Assume u have 5 inputs 10 ne. (for only on hidden layer). First, generate yourself a random matrix of size 5x10, then save it. Then construct the net, but before the training, replace weight with the one you manually created as follows
if true
net.Layers(k).Weights = W;
where net is the name of ur ne, W is new weights, and k is the layer.
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Enrique Luna Villagomez
Enrique Luna Villagomez on 5 Jun 2021
Thanks for your answer, but if the train function is after that conditional, the weights would change at the end right ? I mean basically what I will be doing with that conditional is to initialize the weights.

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