problems with matlab compiler

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When trying to use matlab compiler I found this messege (the original script has no problems when running).

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jun 2021
The most common reasons for those kinds of problems:
  • ran out of disk space
  • do not have write access to destination
  • spaces or non-ASCII characters exist in a directory name or file name
Some parts of MATLAB deal well with spaces or characters such as é but other parts do not. Historically certainly it would have been a problem for some parts of MATLAB that your Windows directory "PC Casa" has a space in it.
The actual problem in your case might be different than the above, but there have been so many parts of MATLAB (especially when third-party tools are invoked) that do not deal well with spaces, that I would recommend getting rid of the space in "PC Casa" if you can.

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