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Improving resolution of a loaded image

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A on 29 May 2011
I am working with two routines that create images, and save them automatically with saveas (as .png files) to a folder. I then want read these images (with imread) with another program.
The trouble is that with the saveas function, I am having a massive loss of resolution of the images. When I read them with my new program, the image is so poor that it is useless. I do not, however, have this problem when I manually "save as" the image.
Is there any reason why the automated save as function would be decreasing the resolution? How could I remedy this in the saving, or is there a way to improve the resolution when I load the images in my new program?
Thank you!
A on 29 May 2011
There is a loss of resolution immediately in the saved file, before it is called, when I am using saveas from the original program. The resolution is much better when I manually save, regardless of the file type. It is a very strange error..

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 May 2011
Typical solution: instead of using saveas(), use Oliver's export_fig

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