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How to avoid the dot operator when accessing property inside class method

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I have a class that contains method. When I access one of properties, I need to use dot operator as follows:
classdef Robot < handle
function move(obj)
obj.x = obj.x + 1; % how to remove obj.
As you can see, using obj. with equation that contains alot of properites is not readable. How to avoid this issue as the case in C++. I think it should be default to refer to properties.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 26 Mai 2021
You don't, at least not the way you're asking.
Suppose you had a different method of your Robot class:
function y = battle(a, b)
To what would the "naked" variable x refer in that method?
  • Should it always refer to the x property of the object stored in a? That would throw an error if you called the method like battle(1, RobotInstance) since in that case a would not be a Robot.
  • Should it always refer to the x property of the object stored in b? Same problem just with battle(RobotInstance, 1).
  • But let's say the battle method could only be called with two Robot instances. To what should x refer, a.x or b.x?
One way to avoid having to reference the property repeatedly would be to reference the property once and store its value in a local variable.
function y = battle(a, b)
% Let's assume both a and b are instances of the Robot class.
% % If they were numbers we could call the constructor here to
% turn them into Robot objects before trying to use them.
ax = a.x;
bx = b.x;
% Now work with ax and bx instead of a.x and b.x.

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