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How to calculate norm for multiple .csv in different folders?

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Tim K
Tim K am 20 Mai 2021
Kommentiert: Tim K am 21 Mai 2021
I have 10 folders with different numbers of .csv files and want to calculate the norm for every single .csv file. But the code i use only calculates the norm for a whole folder and not for every .csv in a folder (hope you get my point). So i get 10 values for norm but it should be much more.
clear all
close all
anfang = [2,2,8,3,5,5,3,5,4,4];
ordern = {'00_00','00_01','01_00','01_01' '02_00' , '02_01' , '03_00' , '03_01','04_00','04_01'};
for idx3 = 1 : length(ordern)
filename = dir(fullfile(ordern {idx3},'*.csv'));
for idx2 = 1 : length(filename)
filename_cell{idx2} = filename(idx2).name;
filename_sort = natsortfiles(filename_cell);
for idx1 = 1 : length(filename_cell)
Data = readtable(fullfile(ordern {idx3},filename_sort{idx1}));
Data = table2array(Data);
y {idx3}= Data(:,1);
T(:,idx1) = Data(:,2);
Tnorm {idx3} = norm(T(:,anfang(idx3):end));
clear T filename_cell filename_sort Data filename
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Jan am 20 Mai 2021
Neither the initial clear all nor the clearing inside the loop are useful in Matlab, but they waste time only.

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Jan am 20 Mai 2021
Bearbeitet: Jan am 20 Mai 2021
norm() calculates a matrix norm, if you provide a matrix as input. so you get a scalar output.
Maybe you want to use vecnorm instead:
Tnorm {idx3} = vecnorm(T(:,anfang(idx3):end), 2, 2);
% or maybe 1 here ^ as dimension?


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