A task that requires multiple outputs in a specific order.

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As a basic level MATLAB user, I could not solve the following problem despite several attempts. Could someone please suggest on how to solve this:
Write a function called corners that takes a matrix as an input argument and returns four outputs: the elements at its four corners in this order: top_left, top_right, bottom_left and bottom_right. Solve without using loops and if-statements.
See an example run below:
>> [a, b, c, d] = corners ([ 1 2; 3 4])
a =
b =
c =
d =

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher am 19 Mai 2021
function [a, b, c, d] = corners(matrix)
It's worth going through the Matlab Onramp course to get an idea of basic indexing - this is fundamental to understanding how to use Matlab
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Nauman Ali Khan Khilji
Nauman Ali Khan Khilji am 20 Mai 2021
Thanks alot! I'll check out the Matlab Onramp course as well.

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